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BiCon meme - answer & add your own random Qs! :) [Aug. 12th, 2016|08:52 pm]
UK National Bisexual Conference

Here's some meme questions - feel free to modify them / add your own.

ETA:Also no obligation to post here, can be in your own LJ or or or... :)

Sessions run:
Sessions attended:
Sleep achieved:
People snogged:
People I did Rude Things with:
People I would have liked to do more sex-type things with but didn't:
Hugs achieved:
Songs danced to:
Parties attended:
Strange food and drinks consumed when offered to me:
Number of children I was responsible for:
Food eaten:
People I meant to talk to, or meant to talk to more, but didn't:
Alcohol consumed:
Recreational drugs taken:
Times I fell over:
Injuries sustained:
Trolls spotted:
People spotted in the train station on Sunday afternoon:
Best non-Bicon thing about the weekend:
Volunteering done (can be anything even small thing like picking up litter or buying organisers a drink)
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Last year's post-BiCon notes to self [Jul. 19th, 2016|02:53 pm]
UK National Bisexual Conference

The dwindling tradition of post-BiCon notes to self on LJ did happen a little bit, so here's the link to them.
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Post-BiCon - notes to self [Aug. 16th, 2015|11:03 pm]
UK National Bisexual Conference

As has happened for a number of years here's a place where you can leave a note to yourself that you'd like to be reminded of shortly before BiCon 2016. [Err, not that reminding people of their 2014 notes happened before BiCon in 2015!]
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200 bookings, more PSB rooms, marketplace stalls and more news... [May. 25th, 2015|04:41 pm]
UK National Bisexual Conference

A few wee updates...Only 11 weeks left... hope everyone is getting excited!
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Cheap train tickets starting to be available! [May. 22nd, 2015|12:04 pm]
UK National Bisexual Conference

EastMidlands (direct) and VirginEastCoast (change at Grantham) are now available.

CrossCountry are available to BiCon - if you're using them, get it now and get the 'from' ticket in a few days.

Northern are available on the Thursday - ditto.

The very cheapest tickets from London will be via MegaTrain, the bargain brand of EastMidlands. Prices start at £1 + booking fee, but only on a limited number of trains and not on Sundays. Their tickets are currently available about six weeks ahead of the journey date.

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Only 100 sleeps til BiCon! [May. 5th, 2015|12:54 pm]
UK National Bisexual Conference

Some most recent news...
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2015 Ball Theme [May. 3rd, 2015|09:41 pm]
UK National Bisexual Conference

This year's BiCon Ball theme has been announced and is "The Magic Forest"

The organisers add that as part of this there'll be:

  • A Mysterious Magician doing actual magic

  • The Magic Forest treasure trail

  • Trees of gifts and blessings

  • A giant dressing-up box

  • Forest snacks, including plenty of cake.

For those who like to wear a costume, some ideas:

  • Animals: wolves and wild boar, woodpeckers and jaguars

  • Trees, plants and flowers from forests around the world

  • Magical beings: dryads, gnomes, faeries, goblins

  • Characters from forest stories: Robin Hood, Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, A Midsummer Night's Dream.

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A few bifabulous BiCon 2015 updates... [Apr. 19th, 2015|03:30 pm]
UK National Bisexual Conference

Incidentally, would one of the moderators be able to update the userpic for this community if you have a free moment? Here's an LJ size version:

Many thanks!
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Family accommodation [Apr. 8th, 2015|11:04 pm]
UK National Bisexual Conference


I'm starting to think about booking Bicon and it's occurred to be that the on site accommodation might not be the best option for us this year. It'll be myself, my partner and our then 10 month old so we'd either have to sleep separately or cram into a room together. What are other people with children doing? What has worked for you in the past?

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The Access Fund needs your contributions [Apr. 7th, 2015|11:43 pm]
UK National Bisexual Conference

Hi folks

Hope everyone has had a chance to book for BiCon. The organisers have been astonished at the numbers - over 100 in the first two days.

You know how usually when you book for BiCon, you get the opportunity to give to the Access Fund at the same time? Unfortunately we weren't able to offer that this year, so we need people to contribute separately to the fund.

Here's some examples of what your contributions could go towards.

  • £5 could pay for a taxi round the venue for someone with access difficulties

  • £10 could halve the day ticket price for someone on a low income

  • £25 could cover Thursday night accommodation for someone travelling a long way or who needs rest before BiCon

  • £50 could cover the cost of a mobility scooter for the whole of BiCon

  • £115 could provide free registration for a disabled person's support worker

Please contribute so that we can keep offering much-needed financial support.

The easiest way to contribute is to give by PayPal:
If you'd like to give to the Access Fund another way, for example by BACS or IBAN, please contact us.

Thanks for your generosity.
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