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bicon's Journal

UK National Bisexual Conference
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Purpose of this community
This is one of many social spaces online for people who go to the UK National Bisexual Conference/Convention BiCon. BiCon is is an annual weekend festival for bisexual people and their friends.

Discussion topics
Things that happened at the last BiCon; things planned for the next BiCon; issues arising from BiCon sessions; who was who; possible meet-ups in between times; the general running of BiCon.

Please note this is not an official method of contacting the BiCon organising team. The current BiCon website is the best place to find their contact details.

Content guidelines
Posts should be related to BiCon only. If you want to post about generic bi stuff or other bi events please go to ukbitalk and post your content there.

Anything posted here should only be quoted elsewhere with the express permission of the author, and with attribution if the author wishes for attribution. The same applies to comments made on posts. This is the case whether the post is public or not.

Please note:LJ only allows one post per user to be queued up for moderation at any one time - to prevent spamming. If you try to post a second post before the first is moderated LJ will give you a misleading error message saying the moderation queue is full. Please be patient and wait for your first post to be moderated before posting the second one.

Posting guidelines
All posts should clearly be related to BiCon. If they do not the moderators will not allow the post through.

Comment screening is not allowed on this community. Moderators can read screened comments.

Anonymous posting is permitted.

Any comments that contain personal abuse will be deleted.

Posts and comments should only be deleted by a moderator.

Contacting the moderators
Please send an email to modsofbicon@gmail.com and this will get responded to as soon as one of us is available - this may not be immediate as many moderators cannot access LJ during the working day. Please do not request moderator intervention within the comments of a post as we may not see it.